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If you are scared, this may be an indication that your company needs to take a closer look at what's happening.

Al Franken is resigning from allegations of sexual misconduct and another man that was looked to as a leader is on the list. Mr Franken's misconduct seemingly have been acts committed before he started a career in politics.  But that doesn't make them less disturbing. I think the problem that people are having isn't that they think he shouldn't be held accountable.  They think he should and so should everyone else.  And while we sort through this actions and the punishments, I think it's important to find the root cause.  Because we can get rid of these people that are being inappropriate but if we don't build a culture of integrity with in companies, industries and the world,we will continue to have these issues.  There have been revelations over the years that amounted to some press and conversations but if you want to change the problem - if you want to protect your business -if you want to be a strong company- you have to think about the environment and mak…

Courage to speak out and courage to listen!

I was lucky enough to hear Terry Crews speak Friday night at LIVE TALKS LA .  He was interviewed by Tim Ferriss who I hold in great esteem.  The interview was full of amazing stories and a lot of great insights from both successful men.  But a topic I wasn't expecting to hear was sexual harassment.  Which is silly, given the current state of media, but it still surprised me when Mr. Crews discussed quite briefly that he wasn't sure what would happen because he had spoken out about being harassed.  He talked about wondering if he had done the wrong thing in speaking out and if it would mean he had damaged his career. The crowd shouted out that he had done the right thing.    But I understood the hesitancy.  Not only could it affect his career, it's also an uncomfortable topic to discuss with a room of people.  Which is what happens if you speak out. And that isn't dependent on whether you are famous or not.  If you decide to speak out, you are g…